8 Reasons to Meet in Puerto Rico

8 Reasons to Meet in Puerto Rico

#1 Puerto Rico is Open for Business
The city of San Juan and many other popular tourist destinations are open for business and ready to welcome you. While some resorts are still rebuilding, 85% of hotels are open and in full operation. There are plenty of restaurants open and the nightlife is in full swing.

#2 No passport required
All you need to bring with you is your valid driver’s license or government I.D. that easy. Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory, it’s exactly like traveling to anywhere in the US. The dollar is the same, the TV Channels are the same, the language is the same, with a mix of English and Spanish and many of the restaurants are the same. For Canadians, it’s the same to traveling to Puerto Rico as it is to Florida. While you do need your passport, it’s pretty easy to travel to.

#3 You Can do some Good when you travel
A lot of people want to make their travels meaningful and there is no better way to mix a bit of “voluntourism” with your vacation to Puerto Rico. It is an amazing experience to get out to the lesser traveled areas of the island and meet the locals while helping out.

#4 Amazing Rich Culture
Puerto Rico may be a part of America, but it feels as if you are traveling to somewhere exotic. Puerto Rico is made up of Spanish, African and Taino (one of the largest indigenous people of the Caribbean) There is a definite Caribbean flare when visiting Puerto Rico with festivals, outdoor markets, lively nightlife and unique cuisine.

#5 Visit Old San Juan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Walking the streets of Old San Juan, with its lovely colonial architecture and imposing forts, is like stepping back into another era but with a number of modern conveniences. More than 500 years old, and the second oldest city in the Americas, Old San Juan is a mix of Spanish colonial history layered with present-day Puerto Rican life. The entire area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with hundreds of restored 16th- and 17th-century Spanish colonial buildings. Today, visitors can dine, shop, or even stay in some of these beautiful old structures.

#6 Magical water that sparkles
There are only a handful of bioluminescent bays in the world and three of them can be found in Puerto Rico. This is an adventure not to be missed! One of the most amazing natural phenomena in the world! Paddle your way through the mystical mangrove channels leading to “Laguna Grande.” There, you will meet our glowing friends, the Pyrodinium Bahamense, a microscopic plankton capable of producing natural light at the touch of your hand! Explore these amazing organisms up close and personal. Learn how this fragile and unique ecosystem maintains a perfect balance of life, and what you can do to protect such a special place.

#7 Visit the Rum Capital of the World
Puerto Rico’s title as “Rum Capital of the World” is backed by centuries of experience distilling this liquid gold. For almost half a century, the Greater Antilles has been known for its rum tradition dating back to the beginning of the sugarcane production under the ruling of Spain. Today, this tradition that began in a very artisanal and rudimentary form has evolved to be one of the island’s main industries. The result: a quality product of international recognition that has been present in every historical celebration. About 70% of rum sold and consumed in the United States comes from our island.

#8 Best culinary scene in the Caribbean
When thinking about Puerto Rico, the first things that might pop into your mind are some of our iconic foods: mofongo, fried plantains (tostones), spit-roasted pork (lechón a la vara), and rice and beans (arroz con habichuelas).

But in reality, Puerto Rican cuisine has so much more to offer. In recent years, the island has become a foodie’s paradise and the ultimate gastronomic destination of the Caribbean.

Delicious eats are found everywhere and the world has taken notice. We have our share of talented chefs showcasing their skills at many restaurants all around the island, as well as internationally renowned chefs who have established their restaurants here.

Whether it be the humblest roadside kiosk (chinchorrro), a food truck, a local hot spot, or a gourmet fine dining restaurant, everywhere you turn you can expect your palate to be seduced by our amazing combination of flavors, both local and international, our fresh ingredients, and world-class cuisine.

There is no doubt that the best way to get immersed in a culture is by its people, its language, and its food.