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Have you recently proposed Switzerland? We at the Swiss CVB would like to encourage you to continue doing so, or to start now – and here’s why:

Switzerland may be known for having delicious cheese and chocolate as well as breathtaking scenery, and rightfully so – but we also one-of-a-kind experiences such as an excursion to the highest train station in Europe (or one on the steepest cogwheel train) or a 3-country itinerary within 1 day!

Being such a small country, we also have the advantage of short distances between destinations and very easy and convenient travel on our immaculate train system, which allows you to take in the mountain scenery even more.

And better yet, the added value that comes with an overnight is hard to beat: breakfast is often included, no added resort fees or gratuity, and free local transportation cards in most destinations.

Learn more about how unique Switzerland really is on our website and our webinars, and don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance with your next program!

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