The Iconic Kahala Hotel & Resort

Jim Morton, Senior VP at Prestige, visited The Kahala Hotel & Resort and shared his experience with us at Prestige!
Jim states, “The property definitely grows on you. Great sense of arrival with an open air atrium lobby. The longer I stayed here the less I wanted to leave or go anywhere else. I must say, I fell in love with the hotel. If you have a group considering Honolulu definitely give this property a look. Personally, after staying here for two nights I would never book a group into a Honolulu hotel unless the group was too large for this hotel or the Kahala didn’t have space.”
Kahala Hotel & Resort is 50 years old and is iconic!  Although only half of the 338 guest rooms feature ocean views, Jim emphasized that he felt the “inland views are just as interesting as the ocean views due to the lights of the houses up on the mountain side just a short distance away”.
Located 15 miles from the Honolulu International Airport and approximately 5 miles east of Honolulu, The Kahala is conveniently located and also holds a great working relationship with the golf course on the inland side of the property.
At the Kahala, there is great meeting space both indoors and outside. A perfect size group for this property (meet and feed) is 150 rooms or 300 people.

  • The Maile Ballroom (5200 sq ft) can be divided into:
    • The Maile Ballroom Foyer (3600 sq ft)
    • The Waialae Room (2700 sq ft)
  • The Koko Head Lawn (8000 sq ft) is outside and situated at the east end of the property overlooking the beach and Koko Head Crater off in the distance

“I truly believe this hotel offers great value for the dollar, being a high end resort experience, fine dining while still having access to all of what Honolulu and Oahu has to offer”, Jim states. “If you have a group that can fit into this property then just book it!  You won’t regret it and neither will your client.”
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