Wine Country is ready to welcome back visitors

The following message was sent to us from our partners at 360 Destination Group, Northern CaliforniaPlease take a moment to read their message and consider Sonoma or Napa Valley for your next group.
We are grateful to everyone, near and far, for reaching out to offer well wishes and support to our friends, colleagues and northern neighbors in Napa and Sonoma Counties.  And thank you to our clients for your understanding and flexibility as we have given our partners in Wine Country time to recover before getting back to business.
Last month, while many of us were at IMEX, we started learning of the fires.  The media images and the reports were devastating, and the scale of the wildfires unfathomable.  Now that the smoke has lifted, both literally and figuratively, the damage is being assessed and life is getting back to normal.
While our thoughts are always with those affected, it’s important to raise awareness that Wine Country is now safe and ready to welcome back visitors.  Many of the fires were up in the hills and mountainsides, and a leisurely drive through the Valley shows no sign of damage.  The air is clear, the sky is blue, all regularly travelled roads are open, and the people are eager to do what they do best – hospitality.
And the wine…  rest assured that approximately 90% of the grapes in Napa and Sonoma Counties were harvested before the fires, and their valuable juices are settling in air-tight containers.  According to the NVV, the quality of the 2017 vintage is expected to be excellent.
Tourism and hospitality is a driving force for both the spirit of Wine Country and the local economy.  Today hundreds of world-class restaurants, wineries, and hotels are open and ready to get back to doing what they love – serving you!
Come support the community and the 20,000+ people that work in the hospitality industry. Now is the time to visit or start planning, as Wine Country is open for business!
If you would like more information, have questions or just need help planning, please contact us.

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