I don’t want to lose my relationship with the hotels. Will working with Prestige affect those relationships?

In our unique business model, Prestige openly shares the client organizations that we’re supporting. We don’t prevent you from having individual relationships, but act as an advocate for you in the relationship. We also bring many new, beneficial relationships to your organization and assure that your time is well spent with only qualified vendor calls.

I’ve been doing this a long time. How can I be sure the rate and value concessions are equal to or better than what I can get myself?

This one is simple: Our buying volume, 28 years of relationship history across numerous brands, and 28 sales partners who are highly respected in our industry ensure our rates and concessions represent the best possible value for your organization.

What makes Prestige different?

  • Quality relationships with best-in-class vendors
  • Vast, firsthand travel and industry experience
  • Detailed, qualified RFP process

There’s no such thing as a free lunch! How does Prestige earn its income? Does this cost me anything?

You’re right; there is no free lunch. But you’re not the one buying ours. Prestige functions as a distributor partner for hotels, resorts, cruises, and destination management companies around the globe, earning our fees through the placement of business. This is a cost of doing business for our vendors, not our clients. In addition, we have contracts in place with all vendors assuring your rates are not inflated to cover our fees. Finally, the competitive process that we engage in ensures we are looking at the best options in each market.

Can you source any hotel?

Absolutely. We can source any hotel, anywhere in the world as long as it’s a booking of ten rooms or more.

Would Prestige take over my role as meeting planner?

No, our goal is to make your job easier! Consider Prestige to be a tool in your meeting planner toolbox. We take your RFP and create a selection of options that will fit your needs. Book with us, and we help you the rest of the way! You can leverage our relationships and reputation in the industry, and we’ll get things done for you while saving you time and money.