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Your network of tenured travel & hospitality professionals

The team at Prestige has a combined 1,090 years of experience in the hospitality and meetings industry. Chances are, someone from the team has been to the destination you’re researching. Our collaborative approach to site selection means that, while you’re only working with one person, he or she has an extensive network of tenured travel professionals ready and available to provide insight and perspective, when needed.

In addition, Prestige has developed relationships with a broad network of Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) and Destination Management Companies (DMCs) around the world. 

While we can work with any CVB or DMC in the world, we have established partnerships with specific companies in some markets, as we have found that their service standards meet our high expectations. Those partners are:


United States

360 Destination Group | Chicago

360 Destination Group| Greater Los Angeles Area

360 Destination Group | Northern California

360 Destination Group | San Antonio, Houston, Amelia Island and Jacksonville

ACCENT DMC | New Orleans

Advantage Destination & Meeting Services, Inc. | Orlando and South Florida

PRA | New York (formerly Briggs)

Hosts | Las Vegas

Juice Studios | Atlanta

Maple Ridge Events | Nashville

MC&A | Hawaii

MC&A| San Diego and Palm Springs (formerly Kuoni)

RMC | Austin

RMC | Coastal Carolinas

RMC | Colorado

RMC | Reno/Tahoe

RMC | Montana and Wyoming

RMC | Utah

Southwest Conference Planners | Arizona

Ultimate Ventures | Dallas/Ft. Worth


2B DMC UK | England and Scotland

Costa Rica DMC | Costa Rica

ECO Destination Management Services | Aruba and Curacao

ESA Latin America | Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia,

Los Cabos, Mexico, Panama, Peru & Uruguay

Group Services Inc. | Puerto Rico

Kuoni | Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Benelux, Nordics) Lafayette Group | France and Monaco

Olympus Tours | Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Dominican Republic

Senator Travel | Czech Republic, Hungary & Poland

Sunbound | Bahamas

Wallace Travel | Ireland


United States:

Arizona | Southwest Conference Planners

Atlanta | Juice Studios

Austin | RMC

Chicago | 360 Destination Group

Coastal Carolinas | RMC

Colorado | RMC

Dallas/Ft. Worth area | Ultimate Ventures

Greater Los Angeles Area | 360 Destination Group

Hawaii | MC&A

Las Vegas | Hosts

Minneapolis | Event Lab

Nashville | Maple Ridge Events

New Orleans | ACCENT DMC

New York City | Briggs

Northern California | 360 Destination Group

Orlando | Advantage Destination & Meeting Services, Inc.

Reno/Tahoe | RMC

San Antonio | Capers

San Diego and Palm Springs | Kuoni

South Florida | Advantage Destination & Meeting Services, Inc.

Utah | DSC

Wyoming | DSC

Everywhere else:

Panama | Aventuras 2000

Canada | Cantrav Services, Inc

Costa Rica | Costa Rica DMC

Aruba and Curacao | ECO Destination Management Services

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru & Uruguay | ESA Latin America

Puerto Rico | Group Services Inc.

Europe | Kuoni

Mexico and Dominican Republic | Olympus Tours

Czech Republic, Hungary & Poland | Senator Travel

Bahamas | Sunbound

Ireland | Wallace Travel

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