7 Reasons to Book Your Program in Puerto Rico (and Work with Group Services, Inc.)

Interview with Berk Tanal, Group Account Manager, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Group Services, Inc – Puerto Rico Destination Management Company
The 7 things you should know about programs in Puerto Rico (and working with GSI):
1. GSI is the only DMC in Puerto Rico with an airport office. They are ready and able to help your group as soon as you step off the plane.
2. Account managers handle the entire process with their clients. From start to finish, the account managers at GSI are your one point of contact for all services. “We sell the dream and live the dream with our clients,” said Berk Tanal, Group Account Manager for GSI.
3. All décor is in-house. GSI owns a 25,000 square foot warehouse of decor and has their own production team, all prepared to best design the atmosphere for your program.
4. GSI is the only DMC in Puerto Rico that handles city-wide programs. They once coordinated a 7,000+ person program in 12 different hotels across the island!
5. Puerto Rico offers the conveniences of a domestic program with all of the benefits of one abroad. Looking for adventure? Zipline in the rainforest or hop on a catamaran. Want a cultural experience? San Juan has over 1,000 years of Spanish-influenced history, architecture and cuisine all around the island. In Puerto Rico, U.S. citizens do not need a passport, domestic cell phone coverage is available and the use of U.S. dollars all make travel there much easier for corporate and incentive groups.
6. GSI Operates concierge service for 12 major hotels island-wide. They are constantly working with the major properties to make your group travel and stay incredibly easy.
7. GSI is a full-service DMC working around the entire island. “We bring it all; artisans, transportation, entertainment, décor, production. We are a one stop shop for meeting and incentive groups all over Puerto Rico,” Tanal said.

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