Catching Up with Kuoni Destination Management

A Q&A with Kuoni’s Lars Ingelius, Head of DMCs and Vice President of Kuoni Europe; and Marc Haeni, Head of Global Business Development
Last month, Kuoni Destination Management was named the “World’s Leading Destination Management Company in 2013” by the World Travel Awards. This was Kuoni’s fourth consecutive year receieving the award.
Whether they’re it’s a corporate product launch in Barcelona or operating a group convention in Vienna, Kuoni Destination Management credits their global event management success to one factor: Consistency. Lars Ingelius, Head of DMCs and Vice President of Kuoni Europe and Marc Haeni, Head of Global Business Development, answered questions about Kuoni Destination Management, the only wholly-owned global DMC organization, and moving forward in 2014.
Q. Why do clients keep coming back to Kuoni?
“Consistency,” Ingelius said, “Our number one feedback, whether we’re in Mumbai or Paris is consistent, high-level services.”
“In Europe, often times franchises operate differently in different locations, bringing a difference experience for customers. That’s where we jump in. “ Haeni said.
Q. What is your ideal client type?
“Corporate events and sports hospitality, we’ve had a lot of success there,” Ingelius said. Incentive groups, board meetings and smaller groups also make up a large part of Kuoni’s business.
Q. What is new for 2014?
“It’s becoming more about conscious thought in our programs this year. Green initiatives, specifically. We are seeing that “being green” comes with corporate responsibility,” Ingelius said.
Q. What makes Kuoni different from other DMCs?
“People have always been at the forefront. Our people (at Kuoni) really love what they do. We have people on board who have been with us for 10 to 20 years. We even have an employee who has been with us for 42 years,” Ingelius said.
Q. Favorite success story?
“We had 6,000 guests for a football tournament in Munich, Germany in 2012. We handled transfers, gala dinners and VIP receptions,” Haeni said. Kuoni Europe has recently acquired Conference & Touring Destination Management based out of Germany, who aided in the success of this event.
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