Corporate Meetings and Events: Create Social Media "Buzz"

How to Create Social Media “Buzz” for Your Corporate Meetings and Events in 5 Steps
Corporate meetings and events require intensive planning. Get the word out, get attendees excited and make sure you are getting the most of your feedback after your event by creating conversation before it!
Step 1. Create a hashtag (this symbol “#”, followed by a personalized phrase). Hashtags are a great way to create and organize conversations on Facebook and Twitter. Make a personalized hashtag for your event to keep all the feedback and conversation in one place. When creating one, search for it first and make sure it hasn’t been used. Keep it short, relevant and easy to remember.
Example: #ABC2014 #ABCevent14 #ABCvegas14
Step 2. Make a plan. Pull out the calendar and start your messaging on social media 2-8 weeks before the big event. Promote the event with different messages, offering a new or different detail about the event in each message.
Step 3. Spread the word. Message and promote on all of your event material. Add the hashtag to your written invitations; create a flag on your website or registration materials. Encourage attendees to join the conversation and use the hashtag. Monitor and interact with attendees who use the hashtag online before and during the event.
Step 4. Offer a reward. As you monitor the use of the hashtag on social media, give attendees a small incentive to speak up. By typing your hashtag in a search bar, your results will be all the users of the hashtag and their comments. Offer something small for contributing to the conversation, like a gift card for the first 5 attendees who comment on the event online.
Step 5. Keep going! Continue the use of the messages and hashtag throughout the event and for a few days after. Search for your hashtag later and find a treasure trove of photos and comments. The “buzz” becomes helpful insight for future meetings and testimonials to your excellent event.

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